BioLum Sciences joins JLabs

February 3, 2020

All successful companies experience a set of inflection points that dramatically impact the trajectory of growth. Sometimes it’s securing a fundraising round that enables the launch of a new product line or business development strategy.  At times it’s securing the perfect COO to help the company keep its eye on executing well as it grows exponentially.  But occasionally the inflection point is as simple as being invited to be at the center of a hub of relevant innovation, and being offered access to world class resources that drive technical development forward.


It’s that last reason which makes me so excited to congratulate one of our portfolio companies, BioLum Sciences, on being invited to join JLabs.  Johnson & Johnson Innovation runs JLabs, the world's premier life sciences incubator.  The program enables participants to have access to Johnson and Johnson’s world class laboratories, and to leverage deep institutional knowledge on what it takes to create a device that comes to define the standard of care for a disease.


JLabs offers entrepreneurs a capital efficient platform that gives companies the advantages of being part of the J&J family, while still preserving their equity and freedom to dictate their own product development pipeline.  Those advantages combine with the opportunity to work daily alongside entrepreneurs shaping the future of digital health.


The team at BioLum has always been laser focused on doing for asthmatics what the glucometer has done for diabetics.  The mission is to help those who suffer from asthma or COPD gain control over their disease through greater information on the state of their lungs.  Thanks to their new residency at JLabs on Houston’s TMC campus, and the massive resources it offers, I’m even more convinced that in the future we will have far less to fear from those illnesses.

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Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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