Jonathan Crowder

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3 Favorite Books
7 Powers: The Foundation of Business Strategy - Hamilton Helmer

The (Mis)behavior of Markets- Benoit Mandelbrot

Deep Work - Cal Newport
Jonathan is a founding partner of Intelis Capital and a member of its investment committee. Jonathan serves in all aspects of the firm’s operations, with particular focus on developing investment theses, creation of internal processes and systems, sourcing potential investments, providing operational and strategic support to portfolio companies.

Prior to Intelis Capital, from 2014 to 2017, Jonathan served as a Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager of Choose Energy, a large enrollment platform for the retail energy industry. While at Choose Energy, Jonathan supported the company’s business development efforts, helped define parameters for strategic partnerships, developed strategic co-marketing initiatives with several of North America’s largest retail energy providers, designed the digital inventory management system, and led product management of the residential marketplace, including creation of a customer retention and analytics platform.

Also at Choose Energy, Jonathan served as an internal business-stakeholder responsible for the residential marketplace at Choose Energy, owning and driving the strategic product roadmap for the largest consumer energy digital enrollment platform in North America, originating over $1 billion of energy supply annually.

Prior to Choose Energy, in 2014, Jonathan was a Generation Fellow at The Breakthrough Institute in Oakland, California. While at The Breakthrough Institute, Jonathan’s research focused on the unique institutional arrangements that foster significant innovations in the energy sector. This research gave Jonathan the rare opportunity to learn from leading thinkers in their fields, including renowned innovation scholars and former Nobel Prize winners.

Jonathan holds a BA from Southern Methodist University in Markets and Culture.